We are pleased to introduce ourselves as Neo Travel company - a team of professionals, who have dedicated their lives to the world of tourism, working as an incoming travel agency since 2003.

From the very beginning, we opted for excellence in service and focused on the travel experience of the guests, thus ensuring high level of satisfaction and loyalty of our partners, contributing in turn to the creation of an enduring and trusting business relationship for the benefit of all parties.

Neo Travel owns 6 branch offices in some of the most popular worldwide tourist destinations: Spain, Portugal, Andorra, Dominican Republic, Cuba and Mexico. Also we are integrated with the top members of tourist market in France, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey and Egypt.

In all these countries, we can offer to our partners a wide range of scalable services tailored to each client, according to its interest, sales capacity and flight program to specific tourist areas.

We collaborate with more than 1000 suppliers including chains, individual hotels, transport companies, museums, restaurants, parks, tourist attractions, guides and etc.

Each of our partners has a unique value for us and can not be replaced by any other. But we are opened for collaboration and will be glad to cooperate and create together a history of common success, based on trust and respect, on a win-win approach and on our calling to exceed your expectations.

You can work with us through various tools, including:

− B2B Booking Website

− XML Interface

− Extranet Feeding for hotels

− Offline Collaboration

If you are interested in communication with us, need more additional information about our services, conditions of partnership on any of 6 destinations where we operate, or if you would like to share your project with us, do not hesitate to contact us at: welcome@neo.travel.


La empresa Neo Travel World, SL ha recibido una ayuda del Gobierno de Canarias, a través de la Consejería de Economía, Conocimiento y Empleo, y de la Unión Europea, con cargo al Fondo Europeo de Desarollo Regional (FEDER), para la implementación de software y web, que tiene por objetivos mejorar la gestión a través de tecnologias.